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Maintenance and Spraying

Plant, tree or weed problems?

We are NPTC knapsack certified and can use chemicals in almost all garden circumstances.

Even the most skilful and knowledgeable gardeners at times have to resort to spraying ornamental/ fruit trees and plants to control or eliminate pests and fungus.

Have you got black spot on your prize Rose’s or fly on the Lupins? Do you just want to get rid of all those weeds in the drive?

At Tom's Garden Services we advise our customers about chemical spraying programmes which we can then implement if required.

Stem Injection

Do you have a Japanese Knotweed or Giant Hogweed infestation? Let us get to the root of the problem.

Injection tools are precise, highly effective and help to protect the surrounding habitat. If you have an invasive weed problem we can help eradicate this nuisance for good!

Our clients vary from contractors, to local authorities our staff are highly experienced in the control of non-native plants and are able to answer any technical queries and advise on the best products to match your needs.

Gardening Services

Create your own garden of Eden...

  • Garden Maintenance
  • Garden Design
  • Planting & Pruning
  • Lawn Care
We take pride in being specialist gardeners. Between all of us we have a wealth of experience, helping many clients manage and develop their gardens, leaving them free of the burden of regular and often difficult work.
Garden Maintenance and Spraying

A garden is a place we all like to relax but most of us just don’t have the time to make the garden the place we would like it to be. This is where we come into it...

Garden Maintenance and Spraying